A Coaching Moment With Life Coach Babs…

January’s Key For a Successful Marriage: COMPROMISE.

Kindly listen to the audio clip to learn more about January’s Key on COMPROMISE.

When you are willing to compromise for the betterment of your marriage, you are not lowering your standards, but you are raising the bar…

If you are looking for someone to partner with you for a positive shift in your marriage or relationship, look no further… I am available for you.

You may contact me by email at: lifecoachbabs@comcast.net or directly from this website.

Your feedback is genuinely appreciated and will be responded to promptly.

To GOD be the Glory,

Life Coach Babs Charles, CLC

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8 thoughts on “A Coaching Moment With Life Coach Babs…

  1. Thank you Babs. Even in a busy & overwhelming day it’s necessary to find time to reflect on great words of encouragement & direction. Thank you for creating a place to supply that.

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  2. This should prove to be a useful tool to aid couples in developing the proper attitude to continue in a successful relationship in “times like these”. Wishing you much success in your endeavor! God Bless..

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  3. This is great advice and encouragement for married and soon to be married couples as well.
    I’d also like to say it’s something to ponder for couples who maybe thinking about divorce.
    Its a good reflecting moment.
    These moments are worth following.

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