I Had a Great Night’s Sleep with an Episode of Hypnogely

Late last night, as I was sleeping, my wonderful hubby (whom I absolutely adore) softly called my name and awakened me from what I was experiencing as side-splitting, rip-roaring laughter while I was dreaming. I was sound asleep 💤 and totally oblivious to my surroundings. However, the laughter was real.

I can’t remember the dream, but I can remember laughing hilariously at something that now does not seem funny at all.

I woke up this morning with a feeling of bliss after having a very humorous, but restful, night’s sleep. 😴

I’ve experienced laughing 😂 in my sleep several times before and never gave it a second thought. However, last night was different. It was such a belly-busting laugh, I felt the need to learn more about why I was laughing in my sleep.

So, as any self respecting internet junkie would do, I Googled it…

…and to my surprise, like just about everything else, it is a condition… with a very weird name!!!

Therefore, my officially unofficial self diagnosis is:

HYPNOGELY In case you’re wondering, hypnogely is, simply put, sleep laughter.

Sleep laughter is a common occurrence and is harmless but it may be quite annoying to your spouse. I must admit though, I truly enjoy my brief, rare episodes of hypnogely.

“May all your dreams be filled with laughter” ~Life Coach Babs

Have you ever experienced hypnogely? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts and feelings!

7 thoughts on “I Had a Great Night’s Sleep with an Episode of Hypnogely

  1. I recently had an episode of laughing out loud in my sleep then wakening up still laughing as my dream was so funny. A policeman was escorting a criminal to jail. At one point they both had to parachute into the grounds. The criminal landed ok and the policeman’s trousers fell down and he landed in a tree. I woke up in hysterics. It was brilliant 😂 NB I have great respect for policemen so no idea where this came from 😂

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