A Salute to My Phenomenal Brother

Please join me and take this moment to salute all the Centerpoint employees; especially, my brother, Mr. ALLEN (BIG AL) CASEY, for all their outstanding work during Hurricane Harvey!!

Big AL and other courageous Centerpoint employees worked tirelessly, around the clock, during Hurricane Harvey, to restore power to Texas residents…

Please see the excerpt from Centerpoint below (dated August 29, 2017) …

“Centerpoint restored power to more than 580,000 customers and over 200,000 customers in the last 24 hours. At noon, more than 95 percent of our customers have power, but rest assured we will continue working around the clock until all our customers’ power has been restored.”

Big AL, we love you dearly and we are so grateful for all you do… congratulations for over 30 years of service with Centerpoint!!

May God bless you, your wife Josalind, and your entire family and may He continue to keep you safe!!

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