Response to Mikey’s Love Letter

Have you ever heard something so amazing, so astonishing, so astounding, so staggering, so startling, so surprising {WHEW} from a child that it literally stops you in your tracks?!?  Well, if you have not, then fasten your seatbelt and prepare to be shocked and stunned.

The other day I was having a very pleasant conversation with one of my dear sisters, who shall remain nameless; however, she has already been identified by the subject of this blog.  Anyway, as we went through the usual pleasantries of inquiring about each other’s day, and what’s for dinner, and have you heard the latest current affairs issue, and how’s the extended family, and of course the conversation absolutely could not end without asking the age-old inquiry: how’s the kids doing in school.

Oh boy, I was not prepared for the details of the conversation that ensued after that inquiry!!  My dear sister began to tell me about the activities of her 8-year-old son, who we will call Mikey (because that’s his name).  So, here’s how the story goes:

My dear sister said she happened to stumble across a crumpled piece of paper that belonged to Mikey.  And of course, being the dear, concerned, loving mother that she is, it was her moral obligation and her duty as a good parent to uncrumple the paper and read the message scribbled on the paper (I’m not even sure if “uncrumple” is a word, but you get the picture).

Here are the words that were on the paper
which were somewhat confusing
and shocking:

Response To Mikey's Love Letter

“We <heart> you too.
we will Keep Your
note for ever and ever
till we go to colloge.”

 The confusing part is not the word “colloge”, but the word “We” is what intrigued my dear sister — however, this is not the end of the story…

So, when Liz, {oops, on condition of anonymity}, I meant to say, when my dear sister finally gained her composure.  She asked Mikey the obvious question (now here comes the shocking part), Mikey’s priceless response:

My Dear Sister:  Mikey, why did she use the word “We”?
Mikey:  {in his exasperated voice} Moooom, I wrote one letter to two girls!!  {{DUH}}
{{now here is my question: how did the girls decide who would write the response to Mikey?  I guess we will never know}}
{{and if you have any questions for Mikey, please leave a comment for him}}

When my dear sister finished telling me this true story, first came shock and amazement, then came gut wrenching laughter, and then, I must admit, came a weird sense of “wow-that-is-kinda-resourceful, way to go Mikey!!!” Lol!

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Forever In His Service, this is Babs Charles and I am speaking the truth in love

2 thoughts on “Response to Mikey’s Love Letter

  1. The blog about Mikey was so well written I thought I was reading something from a movie!!! All I can say about my sweet angel baby that there is something special about him and he is supper smart.


    1. Hi Liz,
      I am so pleased to read your comments …being the avid reader that you are, your words mean a great deal to me. Thank you so, so much!!

      Well, I guess by now, my dear sister, you have been officially identified…Lol!!!

      Much love, hugs, and kisses to you and your family!!!!


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